Silvan12V Smoothflo Rakpak Plus 70 LT 7L/MIN Sprayer *RRP $763.00

Silvan12V Smoothflo Rakpak Plus 70 LT 7L/MIN Sprayer *RRP $763.00

Silvan12V Smoothflo Rakpak Plus 70 LT 7L/MIN Sprayer *RRP $763.00

  • The Selecta Rakpak sprayer has been designed to fit neatly on most ATV bikes and meet the strict weight requirement of these vehicles. This model features a constant flow, no pulsation Smoothflo pump. *RRP $763.00

  • Category: Sprayers & Power Washers


12v Smoothflo Pump, 7 litres per min open flow (or max 120psi).
Fitted with Spotjet spray gun with adjustable nozzle and 6 meters of spray hose.
U.V. Stabilized Poly-tuff Tank, with clip in holding points for spray gun and Anti-spill lid
with breather.

Simply connected to 12-volt DC power with supplies alligator clips.
Easy to manage spray hose with tank moulded hose hanger and bungy straps to lock in place.
Spray Lance clips to the tank for use in transport. Designed to improve weight distribution on

Pump Specifications

  • Smoothflo DDP-552 series, 12 volt DC electric pump fitted with Viton valves and a Santoprene diaphragm.
  • Electric motor manufactured with quality roller bearings at each end of shaft and sealed to IP55 rating.
  • 9 Amps max current draw.
  • Maximum Open flow capacity up to 7 liters/minute. The Smoothflo pump internally regulates the flow under pressure to maximize the flow under higher pressures.
  • The Smoothflo pump is designed to allow for high pressure and smooth running ideal for spot spraying running. At high pressures of 100 Psi the flows can he as great as 1.7L/min.
  • Maximum pump pressure can be adjusted up to 120psi factory set as 110psi.
  • Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump with built in auto bypass including quality Honeywell on demand pressure sensing micro switch for on-demand spraying.
  • Self Priming
  • Max Liquid temperature 60º Celsius

Typical applications: Agricultural Spraying and pest control

Warranty: 12 Months
*Price subject to change please enquire for current price.


Plastics: Polypropylene
Valves: Viton
Diaphragm: Santoprene
Fasteners: Stainless steel
Length: 800mm
Width: 850mm
Height: 390mm
Capacity: 70L

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