Silvan Spotpak 12V Redline 55L Sprayer *RRP $235.00

Silvan Spotpak 12V Redline 55L Sprayer *RRP $235.00

Silvan Spotpak 12V Redline 55L Sprayer *RRP $235.00

  • The latest addition to the Silvan Selecta Spotpak range is the ideal unit for use on an ATV or similar mobile vehicle for spot spraying, fence line, row or general maintenance needs. *RRP $235.00

  • Category: Sprayers & Power Washers



  • 12v Spot spraying Pak Pump, 2.5 litres per min open flow (or max 50psi).
  • 55L Tank with easy hose wrap up, Lid retaining ring and a 650ml Chemical measuring jug.
  • U.V. Stabilized Poly-tuff Tank, with clip in holding points for spray gun and inserts.
  • Simply connected to 12-volt DC power with supplied alligator clips. Ideal size pump for spot spraying.
  • Measuring jug tucks away under the lid which is held in place with a retaining ring to prevent accidental loss.
  • Spray Lance clips to the tank for use in transport. Inserts for secure mounting.
  • Moulded grooves for tie down straps
  • Tank bottom mount inserts (4x M6) for strapless mounting to trailer or skid.
  • 25mm drain bung
  • Clip and Hold Spray gun holder
  • Recessed Pump area to protect pump from accidental damage.
  • Self-Priming 12V DC electric PAKPUMP
  • 2.6L/min open flow or 50psi (max)
  • 1.6 Amps max current draw.
Typical applications: Agricultural Spraying and pest control

  • Spot Spray gun with 550mm stainless steel lance extension with adjustable cone nozzle.
  • 6m of delivery hose.
  • 3 metres of battery cable with alligator clips
  • Lid with anti-spill breather with lid retaining ring to prevent accidental loss.
  • Chemical Measuring Jug 650ml (keeps safely beneath the lid).
*Price subject to change please enquire for current price.


Tank: 55L Impact resistant Polytuff Tank, U.V. Stabilized
Length: 715mm
Width: 425mm
Height: 360mm
Plastics: Polypropylene
Valves: Viton
Diaphragm: TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane)
Warranty: 12 Months

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